AAA. Asses Affects Archives – VBKÖ 2016

Group Exhibition September 2016
Curated and organized by Elke Auer & Ruby Sircar

“That’s how I see the body, as a living political archive. You already have this archive. It’s not like you choose things that are more or less outside of yourself to add onto it. You realize that your body is really dense, stratified, and huge. There are connections and relationships that are already there. If you carefully look at it, you realize that your body archive is connected to the history of the city, the history of design, technologies, and goes back to the invention of agriculture like eighty thousand years ago. Your body is the body of the planet. When I add a few molecules of testosterone, in a huge living archive, well that’s just a minor detail. It’s a way of intensification in terms of a cognitive experience—suddenly you are intensifying processes that are already going on in your body.”
(Paul B. Preciado)

with works by:
Cana Bilir-Meier & Semra Ertan
Ginger Brooks Takahashi & Nica Ross
Pedra Costa
Jannik Franzen & Ins A Kromminga
Lena Rosa Händle
Johanna Kirsch
Terese Kasalicky
Berenice Pahl
Soso Phist
Marion Porten & Jannik Franzen
Heti Prack
Barbis Ruder
Sabine Schwaighofer
Sophie Utikal
Zoe de Witt

AAA is a group exhibition that attempts to map contemporary queer knowledge production and therefore explores what it means to understand bodies as cultural and political living archives, as processes in continual construction, made of images, narratives and practices that are part of a larger somatic apparatus.
The assembled works are about chemical bodies in all states of desire, about somatic reality in continuous production of itself, about thinking and experimenting with and through bodies to develop heterogenous forms of political and sexual subjectivity.
Or as Regina Favre put it: “It is necessary to recognize oneself as part of multiple ecologies, to know yourself as a body in the multitude, to become aware of the collective intelligence.”


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